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From new homes to old homes, residential buildings to commercial buildings, small jobs to big jobs – your Franklin Painter is the best one stop shop for all your painting needs and we’ve got a brilliant track record to prove it.

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Owned and operated by the locality’s most trusted painters, the Franklin painter provides interior and exterior painting for residential and commercial properties.  We are Franklin’s best painting service. We love house painting especially in Franklin and we treat your walls like ours.

Interior and exterior, Residential and commercial

Franklin Painter is your indoor and outdoor paint company, serving Franklin and the surrounding areas. We provide commercial and residential painting services, proud to make your home and business look great.

We also provide design and cabinet design or stains for new and old wood. And our services include professional repairs for the best results – washing power, wood decay and drywall repair.

Drawing seems like a simple DIY activity – even a child knows how to use a paintbrush, right? However you start thinking about all the things you need to buy or collect from the garage and the activities associated with that item: Paint, brushes, sprayers, rollers, stretch handles, roller covers, shaving and cutting tools, paint trays, artist tape, ground cleaning and post-cleaning equipment, drywall putty, putty knives, and sandpaper for repairs, loose paint tubes, ladders or hard stairs, old clothes to paint.

The paint shop will probably throw in a few fun sticks. And once you have all these things together and you think you are ready to start, you will find that you have forgotten the pull-outs. Just call us instead! We are the people who work with Franklin painting, and we are ready to complete every step of the work.


Asheville’s Professional Painting

​Service and Quality You Can Count On

The first thing that sets us apart from other contractors is our commitment to preparation. This starts as soon as you rate us. When we look at your house or your business, we will not just stare at the building. We will look at the most accurate rate, time and money. And we will contact you to find out exactly what you need and expect from us.

We will get to the task of preparing the materials needed for your particular project. We do not waste your time and money back and forth to get one tool or offer. We know you’re paying for a professional service, and we plan to provide the technology in advance. Being organized and efficient restores your home or business to normal operations.

Our commitment to preparation includes all aspects of face preparation. Paint or stain will not match the dirty or cut surface. Cutting corners leads to bad results and permanent paint work. Some Franklin home remedies are not equipped to clean your exterior or charge an extra service fee. But we have energy-efficient machines and work experience in an efficient and cost-effective way. Also, we include costs in your estimate so there will be no surprises. And if your surface needs a lot of repairs, such as wood rot or drywall, you won’t need to hire a different contractor. Our team has skilled carpentry skills for repairing wood or repairing and finishing a drywall. Also, we will identify the feasibility of this adjustment and measure it if possible. And if we find wood decay while completing a project, we will notify you immediately.

Next, we stand out from the crowd because of the quality. Some contractors will try to increase their profit margin by using cheaper materials, but we know that it shows in appearance and durability. At The Franklin Painter, we only use Benjamin Moore’s high quality paint.

Our Services

Not all home painters in Franklin, TN, will work inside your home, and not all interior designers can paint the outside. Although they can provide services in both of these areas, they actually come out on top in one or the other. These two tasks require different tools, preparation, skills, and experience. But at The Franklin Painter, we have everything we need to provide the best results for both types of paint.

Interior Painting
Exterior painting
Commercial Drawing
Deck Painting
Power Washing
Fixing Wood
Drywall Repair

Interior Painting

Are the walls you see everyday dull, sunken, cracked, or cracked? Franklin interior designers can repaint those walls with a smooth, professional look.

Exterior painting

In your home, we take great care to protect your furniture and floor, keeping everything clean and covered. If the walls are damaged, such as nail holes or cracks in the drywall, we will make the necessary repairs to create a smooth surface for the paint. We will also end the trim with careful attention to detail.

Commercial Drawing

Franklin Painter experts understand that you need your business to look good and that you need to stay active, without the slightest disruption to the normal work process as much as possible. We work well and provide high quality.

Paint / Emphasis on Cabinet

In cabinets, details are important. Whether you decide to paint or stain your cabinets, we will make sure that the finish is smooth, with no punctuation marks or annoying threads. We understand how important cabinets are more than the financial value of your home and daily entertainment.

Deck & Fencing Staining

We can take out the beauty of natural wood for your new fence or porch or fix the appearance of your old fence and booth with a functional coat. Call our color experts – you will love the results!

Power Washing

Sometimes all your needs for vinyl siding, fencing or porch washing powder look good as new. And if your house needs painting, thorough cleaning is an important step in the preparation process. New paint will not adhere properly to dust, dirt, or loose paint chips.

Fixing Wood

Finding wood rot in your home, in business, or without wood can be very frustrating, but our skilled carpenter can make the repairs you need, big or small. And we will notify you immediately if we find any damaged wood while working on your building.

Drywall Repair

Our team handles all aspects of paint preparation for your interior walls, even drywall repairs. Many walls have little damage from years of use. We will repair holes and stains, providing a smooth surface for good final Results

Franklin designers know that all buildings, be it residential, commercial or industrial, require new painting jobs from time to time throughout their lives. During this time, a lot of wear and tear takes place in the building. This will need to be fixed before your building can be painted properly.

If someone tries to paint just about these flaws, your paint job will not be smooth and will show an area with a rough and uneven wall. This is neither acceptable nor desirable for most people. It is said that your home reflects your identity. This includes your design, style, decoration, and paint that sets the color scheme of your building.

Preparing for your new paint job

Not all of us know how to repair damage caused to your property as a result of storms, nail holes, nail claws, and other cosmetic defects. This needs to be adjusted so that your paint job looks fresh and fresh, leaving you looking good inside or out of your home. Franklin house designers know how to do all this. They specialize in making these adjustments so that they can provide you with the best paint job for you and your property.

Why Do Franklin House Painters Wear White?

The painters of the house wore white for various reasons for many years. This has helped to distinguish them from many other types of specialists. When you choose to hire professional Franklin artists, don’t be surprised to see them come out of your work wearing their professional white clothes.

Historically, it was said that in the 19th century whites were dressed to distinguish members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trade from artists’ organizations. This later became a common garment in the painting industry. There are many other reasons why artists wear white like:

  • White paint stains do not look as sloppy as colored clothes
  • If more paint is needed the artist can simply indicate the color of his shirt to match more
  • Some bright colors do not show as much white as other colors
  • White is like cleanliness and the idea that painters will do a clean and tidy job as they paint your home
  • The colors come from white to reflect the artist doing a great job

All of these and many other reasons can be found, although none of them have ever been proved. Probably many of these reasons are all true and the list has grown with the passage of time.

Why should you hire a professional painter?

Hiring a professional artist will make your life easier and your painting job will look clean and professional. Whether you are painting a new building or just giving your old residential, commercial, or industrial building a new look, know that it is in the hands of Franklin house designers who will let you know that you have made the right decision. As professionals, we know how to get in and see problematic areas that will need to be fixed so that your paint will glide smoothly on your walls and dry with a professional look. This makes your home or business look fun and comfortable, making your new painting project a success.

Exterior House Painters in Franklin, TN

Exterior paint works are also important because the exterior of your building will give your customers or guests their first impression. As professional Franklin architects, we know how to renovate the exterior of your building. We know that paint will not reflect the professional work of paint when applied to exterior walls over dust and dirt. The paint may look lumpy and reflect the dust and dirt that existed before the paint was applied. That’s why you wash your energy off before the painting starts to make a good choice. There are some things that need to be completed such as repairing any damage or chips that may be in your outer parts. If there is peeling paint, it is wise to remove it so that your new paint is firmly attached to your exterior walls. The end result will showcase the experience and expertise as you can proudly look at your newly renovated building.

Hire the Franklin Painter

Franklin Painter is a well-known painting company and we operate in and around Franklin, TN. We provide many services to our community. We are not only known to be Franklin house painters, but we will paint your buildings and do some preparatory work for you, fixing things that need to be repaired or replaced so that you can get a high quality paint job. We also provide cabinet paint and stains, fences and deck decks, power washing, wood decay, and drywall repairs. We are trained and know what to do in any of these situations. We use high quality products when it comes to paint and we know that high quality Benjamin Moore paint to give you a high quality paint job.

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With our trusted Franklin painting service, you will never wonder when a contractor will appear or when a job will end. When we complete your rating, we’ll also let you know when we’ll be available and find out which program works best for you.

We work hard to stick to our plans and will contact you with any changes needed. At The Franklin Painter, we believe that quality service includes not only the results we get but also how we treat you in every way possible.

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Our team is committed to providing quality services as well. When we complete a project, we are proud of our work and know that we have made a positive difference to your home or business. This is our community and, and as Franklin real estate agents and commercial contractors, we want to be able to identify the projects we have completed and be proud to be part of it. We also offer this feature in a variety of services. Although we are a Franklin painting company, we do not just paint. We also provide power washes for your pits and decks, landscaping, and stains for your wood cabinets or deck. We can work in or out of your home or business, in large or small projects. For a Franklin artist, one call does it all.

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The Franklin painter is a Franklin, TN based painting company. We have a rich experience of 5+ years in the business and all this while we have built relationships with customers and community.

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